Top My Favorite Movies in Movie History

My love for films and acting can be traced back to the time when I used to watch movies every weekend with my parents and every holiday with my cousins. There are movies that resonated with me and bring back fond memories of my growing up years.

These movies moved me, all the actors involved inspired me, and the whole film industry made realize the career path I am destined to take.

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction blew me away the first time I watched it. The dialogue, cinematography, nudity, casual violence, and overall structure are the results of the pure cleverness of Quentin Tarantino. In my opinion, the film totally changed the cinema. No one was prepared for its impact as it took headlines and awards. Watching it now, I can’t help but praise the talents of Uma Thurman and the film’s classic appeal.

Forrest Gump

The film and captivating story moved me on so many levels. Sometimes, I even find similarities between myself and Forrest. For instance, being different and struggling to meet other people’s expectations. He fought so hard to overcome his disabilities and found that he could run like a wind. There was no stopping him after that.

Star Wars

The movie series is so close to my heart because it reminds me of movie marathons at home. Everyone knows the genius behind the sci-fi movie series and the great visual treat. The dynamic of the characters, the balance between good and evil, and everything about it is just brilliant.

Schindler’s List

Spielberg’s works never cease to amaze me. Surely, a lot of people feel the same way. Schindler’s List deals with the madness and chaos of the Nazi system. All characters and their respective scenes were brilliantly written, acted, and directed. The cinematography, crowd control, and special effects are masterpieces that make this movie awesome.

Back to the Future

This is, in my opinion, the best sci-fi and time-travel movie in the 80’s. Back to the Future provides us with the glimpse of future possibilities at a time where the concept seems impossible. It made me wonder if I will be able to witness all of them someday. Looking back, that someday is starting to happen today, and I am glad I live to see some of it.


This classic movie is one of the most popular movies ever made. It is so easy to identify with the characters, to love them, and to follow their story. The story revolves around the love of one man and woman but decided to sacrifice their feelings for a higher purpose.

The Godfather Trilogy

It is hard for me to choose which part of the trilogy I like the most. The movie touches some parts of history and tells a story of a family with a mobster as the head. Everyone in the family strives hard to keep the secret and works hard to become better than their parents. In terms of acting, each actor portrayed their characters well, and the movie was well-directed.

Lord of the Rings

Fans of the books would agree that since the release of the movie series, there has not been a production quite like it. The series stayed true to the books. From a light-hearted and simple fantasy adventure, the trilogy grew into a massive exploit of all its characters and their journey.

The Silence of the Lambs

I don’t remember ever feeling bored while watching this film. Every scene and every line were thrilling and unforgettable. It is absolutely brilliant. Now that I am pursuing a career in the film industry, I wish to work on a project similar to this film. It would be a dream come true.

The Matrix

I remember feeling in awe after watching the first installment of The Matrix. It made me fall in love with the film industry even more, and the possibilities of creating wonderful things that would leave a mark in history and in the minds of people.

My movie list goes on, but these are the top movies I would watch a hundred times over and not get sick of. They are simply the greatest movies in the movie history.