How Did I Choose College

My love for film and acting started when I was really young. My parents are supportive enough to encourage my talents by allowing me to participate in acting workshops and join plays. Growing up I was already dead-set on taking acting as a course in college and eventually, build a career on it.

I believe that choosing a college is a crucial step in making my dream come true. So after a thorough review and countless campus visits, I finally decided to study in New York Film Academy Los Angeles Campus. I originally planned to study in New York, but chose the one that is in the “Media Capital of the World.”  Here is how I narrowed down my options and finally chose the best one for me.

The Academy’s reputation

NYFA is a renowned world-class institution that produced the best people in the film industry. Graduating from a reputable school can be an advantage to get your foot in the door.

Beyond industry reputation, the campus life should also have a fun and nurturing reputation. I can say that my college days were both fun and challenging. The friends I have made and people I got to work with are all great. My classmates were helpful in times when I struggle to juggle my academics and curricular activities.

The quality of education

Aside from enhancing your talents and providing you with all the knowledge you need to become successful in the industry, you also have to consider the quality of education the college can provide you. Review your options and try to gather all information about the schools before making your final decision. Earning a degree is not enough, you need quality education.

The programs offered

I chose NYFA Los Angeles because it offers undergraduate programs, graduate programs, conservatory programs, short-term workshops, and even summer camps for teens and kids. I was lucky enough to participate in one of the summer camps when I was a teenager, and that is how I included NYFA in college options.

It offers courses and intensive programs in filmmaking, visual arts, and performing arts that are designed for artists and a new generation of storytellers. Choose a college that offers comprehensive programs that can help you enhance your craft.

The opportunities I could get

Like what I said, NYFDA Los Angeles is the media capital of the world. It is in the heart of Hollywood and surrounded by the best and famous film studios in Los Angeles including Universal and Warner Bros. This is an opportunity I won’t let pass.

The academy train students by giving us hands-on activities since day one. The curricular activities around the academy and within LA are advantageous, and the opportunities waiting upon completion of the degree are something you are going to look forward to.

Housing services and tuition fees

Enrolment fees and housing services should be factors to consider in choosing a college. NYFDA Los Angeles run dormitories on the film school campus, which is perfect for me. Not only that, there are also options outside the campus. Apartment complexes are available and are just within 3 miles radius. Prices vary depending on amenities and location.

If you think you need financial assistance, choose a college that offers a variety of options that would work for you. Most of the time, colleges have student aid programs to help reduce the cost of education based on your qualifications. You can also opt to use student loans to cover your education and living expenses or apply for a grant or scholarship if you think you qualify for it.

These are the factors I considered when I was choosing a college. You can use them as a guide to help you pick the best one for you.