– I`m sure you`ve had enough questions like that, but: aren`t there already too many people wanting to become famous actors and directors? Why didn`t you apply for a real profession?

This was probably the most frequently asked question I had when first told my family and friends that I was going to apply for AMDA. Withal, over the past years, I have proven to many people that they were deeply wrong with their conclusions. Furthermore, I have ensured that the made choice of mine was correct. How? Simply by achieving my little goals day by day.

– What is the best and the worst in being an actor (study in the acting school)?

The best is acting itself. You have a unique opportunity to try on different characters, to change yourself, to experiment with behavior/looks/appearances/language and much more. The applause and appreciation of the audience is an additional feature you start loving! The worst side? Probably, not getting the role of your dream, not feeling your character/or not being able to fully dive into the atmosphere of the play.

– You seem to be a sophisticated actress, with a wide-open mind. Why did you start blogging about education, instead of only acting?

I believe we all have more than just one thing we`re good at. I believe we all have something to tell and to share the experience with something we are good at. I get good grades as I study hard, I get good plays as I learn how to be better. I can share these experience and help students like me to get better. Why not to be a mentor when you can?