Why hello there people, students, and folks of the English speaking world!

My name is Opry and I`m in my Junior year at the AMDA academy in L.A., California. For those not sure about the abbreviation meaning – it is the American Music and Dramatic Academy, and it is considered to be among the best acting schools around the United States. I`m highly proud of myself to be a part of such an excellent institution! Moreover, I`m also a member of the Dance workshops band, where we hold annual workshops for both students at AMDA and participants who love to dance. Anyhow, that`s not about me, that`s all about my blog.

How come I decided to start blogging and giving advice? Easy. During the senior year in high school, I realized I had more potential in me than I was showing at the moment. My mom gave me an idea of sharing it with the almost-graduates like me. And so I did. Nowadays, I have over 5,000 subscribers to my newsletters, as well, as more than 30,000 followers around social networks. I`m proud of the work I do and I`m proud that you guys find it as attractive as I want it to be.

Keep up to get acquainted with the latest news and ideas of mine. Modern rules of academic writing, new trends in acting, audition and scholarships updates, hints on how to keep blogging while travelling abroad and how to manage having a happy life of a student while dealing with the endless amount of homework in class.