Actress’s Life


Opry has a personal blog that describes her life as a student studying Film Acting in L.A and her adventures in college. If you are interested in taking up film acting, you will learn a thing or two from her stories. What attracted her to acting is that it involves variety and a sense of escapism. It is fun and exciting. Some takeaways you can learn from her experiences are as follows:

You’ll get to meet and work with different extraordinary people with amazing talents. The amount of creativity involved in creating the film, designing the production, and the striking stories are inspiring. It invites you to showcase your own creativity in every situation. It can also be frightening at times. Being around older and more experienced actors, actresses, and filmmakers can make you feel pressured to perform at your very best and yet feel like it is never enough.

No two acting jobs are the same. It is important that you always find ways to enhance your skills and understand the specific roles you have to play.

Constructive criticisms improve the quality of your work and performance. You might feel like you are constantly being judged. But in reality, the criticisms can be very helpful. If taken positively, they can encourage positive change and motivate you to strive better. It is imperative that you develop a thick skin and try not to take everything personally.

You must understand the struggle of being an actress. To put it bluntly, the job lacks stability. There are too many actors and actresses, but not enough jobs. You must always conduct yourself in a professional manner and spend a lot of time going to auditions. It can be frustrating but it is part of the job. Utilize your other skills in instances where work is sporadic.

Taking up film acting in college can open a lot of doors for you. College is a great training ground and the best stage to showcase what you are really good at. Take all the opportunity you can no matter how big or small. If you are lucky, people of great influence and experts in the industry will recognize your talents. Do not forget to enjoy and have fun while you are still in college. The real world is tough.

Gain as much experience as you can. The more experienced you are, the more confident you will become.